Sunday, July 6, 2014

Journey of BlingBlingKorea2014

Well, finally I had done all my major 3 journey of the year 2014. 
This is the last stop of my 2014 adventurous journey. 
Traveling back to back 2 countries during Apr to Vietnam and May to Cambodia was an amazing one I should said. It was our annual trip for the gang of Toxxip. 

The journey continue on hiking up the highest peak in Malaysia with my office friends and along with my cousin, Esther. 
As I had set my target to try this hike before the age of 30 and I had made it on attempting that. Felt great. Although I didn't make it to the highest peak due to altitude sickness but I still happy that I had tried this amazing Borneo journey up Mount Kinabalu.

Finally on the month of my birthday, June. My long planned trip to Korea with 3 of my office friends had finally come true. After arriving Korea, I had felt in love with this wonderful country. I can imagine why some people love this contury so much. This was different from all the other countries and places that I had visited. Korea gave me the experience of a wide rage, from the New7Wonders of Nature, Jeju Island to the morden city of Seoul, I had never have been so overwhelm with such places. 
I love the relaxing environment back in Jeju Island which time goes by like you no need to worry a thing. Where you can see huge and wide highway all over the island but the summer air is still very fresh. Is a back I will ask for more. 
In Seoul, where morden city met the old world in some places. The palace in Gyeongbokgong is actually inter cross the morden city of Seoul, that was very amazing and fascinating.
Apart from that, in the place where I stay, a morden city with tall building and underground subway but you won't feel the panic or fast phrase feeling where I had experienced in other morden city. 
I told myself that one day I will come back to this wonderful country again.
Until next time, this is Tyler writing this post in AK507, AirAsia X, heading back to Malaysia. Tyler signing out. 

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